Metals & Settings
Vacarra primarily designs in 14K white and yellow gold. While 18K and platinum are also available upon special request for most pieces, Vacarra prefers the color, hardness and weight of 14K over other higher karat gold. Vacarra’s one-of-a-kind antiquity jewelry also features ancient bronze, iron, and occasionally lead, stone or shell set with gold, platinum or palladium, which is a white metal related to platinum but lighter in weight.

Unusual Diamonds & Sapphires

A study in contrasts, Vacarra’s designs pair rough organic textures with luscious diamonds and sapphires in unusual colors and cuts. Gems are often used to accent a design and to
give subtle sparkle and brilliance to a piece.

Diamond & Sapphire Colors

Many people are surprised to hear that diamonds come in a wide variety of colors.
Jill Vacarra jewelry uses diamond colors in varied tones of green, champagne, cognac, off-white, burgundy and black, and occasionally pink. Sapphires also come in a range of hues from unusual muted green, blue, russet, yellow, and muted red, to dazzling pink and orange.

Gemstone Cuts

Along with the more common round cuts, Jill Vacarra jewelry incorporates several unusual gemstone cuts into the designs:

- Pear-shaped or oval gem, cut in long triangular facets
Old Mine cut - Old-fashioned cut with fewer facets than modern cuts
European cut - Round, but with different facet lengths and larger cutlet sizes
which make the gem appear chunky
Rose cut - Cut flat on the reverse with a convex face of triangular facets in rows
Full cut - Modern cut round diamond that has a set/standard number of facets