Cultures and Eras
The objects in the Anciennes one-of-a-kind collection come from a wide range of places and time periods, including ancient Rome, Greece and Byzantium, the ancient Holy Lands and ancient China. Some artifacts are Celtic, some Medieval. Many of the artifacts come from Eastern Europe and Britain.

Everyday Objects
Although some pieces in the Anciennes collection were originally designed as jewelry, many of the antiquity fragments incorporated into Jill Vacarra designs were once objects or tools used in ancient daily life such as buttons, clothespins, tweezers, buckles, small tools, handles, rivets, bells, crosses, ritualistic charms, money, jewelry fragments, furniture appliqués, and other decorative attachments.

How They’re Found
Piles of broken objects are sometimes uncovered in the smelting piles of excavated ancient metalwork shops. Metal detectors frequently find small random piles of artifacts which were probably buried by soldiers for safekeeping before a battle.

Each antiquity in the Anciennes collection has been reviewed and authenticated by an antiquities expert and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Time period and cultural and geographic origin are usually determined by the styling, overall shape, patina and decorative surface motifs of the piece.

Time Travel
Each piece of Anciennes one-of-a-kind jewelry features an authentic ancient artifact that has, in a sense, travelled hundreds or even thousands of years forward in time to become part of the collection. Each ancient object is unlike any other and has a story to tell. Time and the environment have sculpted and painted every artifact with distinct fragmentation, chipping, erosion, encrustation and patina coloring - so that each Anciennes design is unique in all the world.